Officers of The Villages New York Yankee Club:

President - George Reever    Glenbrook

Vice President - Kathleen LaMorte    Santiago

Secretary - Ron Majesky    Labelle

Treasurer - Murray Deutsch   Chatham

Trustee - Jim Geeze    Fenney

Committee Chairpersons

Webmaster - Ron Majesky - LaBelle -

Little League Liaison - Ron Majesky - LaBelle -


Guest Speakers - Anthony Scutti - Sable Chase -

Trips - Jim McKenna - Hadley -

Trivia - Bob Cusano       

Public Relations - Dick

Audit - Annual Appointment by President

Nominating- Bi-Annual Appointment by President

Contact the appropriate person with questions or if you wish to volunteer

Feel free to contact us - We love hearing from Yankee Fans.

Email Address -