Adopted April 28, 2014

                                                                                       Amended November 24, 2021

1. Name - The name of this organization is The Villages New York Yankee Club, referred to hereafter as the Club.

2. Purpose - The objective of this Club is to provide and foster social and community interaction among supporters of the New York Yankees residing in The Villages. Club activities include but are not be limited to:

    • Trips to New York Yankees games including preseason exhibitions;
    • Gatherings at local venues to watch and cheer for the New York Yankees;
    • Monthly meetings which will frequently include guest speakers from the sports and entertainment world;
    • Other civic functions deemed conductive to the well being of the Club and promote a spirit of friendship within the community. 

3.  Membership is limited to residents of The Villages. Payment of dues qualifies residents for membership. Annual membership dues will be assessed and collected at the January meeting. Residents joining the Club during September, October and November will cover only the remaining months of the current year at a reduced rate. Dues for new members who join at other times during the year (January through August) will be assessed at the same level as the annual dues. Nonpayment of dues prohibits participation in any Club functions. 

  • At the March 28, 2018 Club meeting, the membership voted to increase dues from $10 to $20 annually per member

    4.  An Executive Board consisting of the following elected Officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee, shall govern the Club. Duties include:

    President – shall represent the Club in all matters pertaining to its affairs. The President shall preside at all meetings, enforce the provisions of the By Laws, appoint committee heads and perform such other duties as necessary and incident to the office. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees and act as a point of contact for the Club.

    Vice President - shall assist the President in his/her duties. In the absence of the President the Vice President shall preside at Club meetings and conduct Club business as needed. The Vice President shall also assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the term should the President be unable to fulfill the full term of office. The Vice President shall also serve in other capacities as directed by the President.

    Secretary – shall keep such records as the Club may require, render reports of membership at any meeting, and with the President, handle correspondence of the Club. The Secretary shall issue notices of all general and special meetings of the members and the Board. The Secretary shall keep a correct record of the minutes of all meetings.

    Treasurer – shall have charge of all finances and see that funds are safely deposited in the Club’s bank account(s) and disbursed accordingly to meet the financial obligations of the Club. The Treasurer shall provide to the membership a report of the finances and their condition at the monthly membership meeting.

    Trustee –shall work closely with the President and board members and perform duties as designated by the President. 

    In order to promote communications with the membership, as a condition of holding an executive board position, all officers are required to have their email addresses posted on the club website

    If any Board member cannot complete their term in office the Executive Board members shall appoint a replacement from the Club membership, to complete the remainder of the term.

5.  Committees shall be established by the Executive Board to assist in the operation of the Club and can be added or deleted as necessary. Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the President. Committee reports will be presented at the monthly membership meeting. Committees may include, but will not be limited to the following:

      • Membership

      • Nominating
      • Events and Entertainment
      • Public Relations
      • Raffles (including 50/50)
      • Refreshments
      • Trivia
      • Memorabilia
      • Annual Audit
      • Web/Internet

    In order to promote communications with the membership, as a condition of holding a committee chair position, all committee chairpersons are required to have their email addresses posted on the club website.

6.  The Executive Board will meet each month during the year. Special meetings may be called at any time as may be determined by the Executive Board. A minimum of four Board members are required to be present to reach a quorum. A simple majority of Board members present is needed to pass any motion considered by the Executive Board. The minutes of all meetings shall be posted for the membership to review.

7. Meetings - There will be a monthly meeting of the Club open to all members in good standing. The time, date and meeting place will be communicated to the membership. A minimum of 10 members are needed to be present for a quorum. A simple majority is needed to pass any motion brought before the membership. The order of business for the monthly meeting will usually cover the following items:

  • Meeting called to order

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Opening Comments by the President

  • The Secretary’s report (reading of the previous month’s meeting)

  • The Treasurers report

  • Guest speaker

  • Committee reports

  • Unfinished Business

  • New Business

  • Q&A Session

  • Closing Comments by the President

  • Adjournment

8.  Elections – Each Executive Board Officer shall serve a two year term. Each Officer must be a member in good standing as well as a full time resident of The Villages. In October of each odd numbered year the President shall establish a Nominating Committee to establish a slate of candidates. During the November membership meeting the slate of candidates established by the Nominating Committee will be presented. At that time additional nominations will be accepted from the floor. The election of Officers will be held at the general membership meeting in January of each even numbered year. All nominees presented at that general meeting will be elected by a simple majority vote of the members present. A plurality is required for any election which has more than two nominees. Any outgoing president is automatically appointed to the Executive Board as a Special Trustee for a term of one year to assist in the smooth transition of the Club operations. The Special Trustee is a non-voting member of the Executive Board. 

9.  Finances - The President, Vice President and Treasurer are authorized to write/endorse checks as necessary. Whenever the President or Vice President writes/endorses a check or makes a bank deposit, the Treasurer must be notified either in person, by phone or by email on the date of the transaction. Funds received by Club shall be used by the Executive Board to pay for expenses incurred during regular operations of the Club. Excluding events, expenditures in excess of $2000 (particularly guest speakers 11/24/21) shall be approved by the Executive Board. Events are usually voted on by the general membership during regular monthly meetings. 

An audit of the records and financial books of the Club shall be conducted on an annual basis.  The auditors shall be appointed by the President from the membership in good standing.  No less than two (2) persons shall be appointed. The audit shall be concluded no later than June 30th of each year.

10.  By Laws – The By Laws shall be reviewed by the Executive Board and recommendations for revision or amendment of the By Laws shall be presented to the general membership for review. Any revision or amendment of the By Laws requires a 2/3 vote of the membership present at the monthly meeting following the month that the general membership was informed of the proposed changes to the By Laws.