The 2024game viewing schedule is as follows:

   Thursday, March 28 (Opening Day) @ Houston 4:10 pm
   Monday, April 22 vs Oakland 1:05 pm
   Thursday, May 16 @ Minnesota 1:10 pm
   Sunday, June 23 vs Atlanta 1:35 pm
   Monday, July 22 vs Tampa Bay 1:05 pm
   Thursday, August 22 vs Cleveland 1:05 pm
   Friday, September 6 @Chicago Cubs 2:20 pm

Notices for the scheduled games will be emailed and members respond for headcount to Gators staff.

Food and drink are the members' responsibility.

Gators Brownwood 352-775-4071

In past seasons the members have arrived between 15 and 30 minutes before game time.  We all pay for our own lunch.  Let's have a great turn-out for every game!!!