The Villages New York Yankee Club

Club Trip Policy (Revised)

The policy of September 22, 2014 in regard to Club trips to baseball games is being revised to better clarify responsibilities and reduce the chance of the Club incurring expenses relating to cost of tickets and transportation.

 i.            Future trips will be announced at least ten (10) weeks in advance, when possible.

 ii.            Members will be given a deadline to submit full payment and secure game tickets and transportation.  This allows the purchasing of the best seating available and reserving transportation for the trip.

iii.            Checks shall be mailed to the trip chairman or hand delivered to the chairman at a regularly scheduled Club meeting prior to the published deadline date.

iv.            Members may cancel trip reservations any time prior to the deadline date.

 v.            The Club reserves the right to cancel the trip if not enough members (minimum of 36) forward payment by the deadline date.

 vi.            If after reserving and paying for an event, a member is unable to attend the event, it will be the member’s responsibility to dispose of the tickets.  There will be no refunds.  The chairman may assist in advertising the tickets to other Club members, but there is no guarantee of resale.

vii.            Members attending events may not invite others to ride on the bus unless authorized by the trip chairman.

These conditions are in line with policies of any other sports/entertainment ticket purchasing operations.

This revised policy will be effective for events scheduled after April 1, 2018.

Executive Board

Dated: 03/28/18